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Finally my first live on Facebook!

Updated: May 1, 2021

Hello friends 😁!

In these days I've been really busy because of a couple of orders but also because the design of the special creations for Halloween, that will be revealed tomorrow during my Facebook live at 18.00 (19.00 Italian time zone) and available on 1st October.

These last hectic days gave me a lot oh happiness as well: firstly my beloved Marshmallow puppet has been purchased by an American guy to be given as gift to a friend of him, and also yesterday I did my first live on Facebook! At the beginning it felt a bit weird but as soon as I got use to the video and I started interacting with the viewers I really enjoyed it and I easily decided to do more lives! During the lives I will tell a bit about me to who doesn't know me yet and I'll let you into the world of this little lovely creations. It also is an incredible opportunity to answer all the question of who is interested in what I'm doing and to spend some minutes all together 🥰.

I really hope to see you all tomorrow and to enjoy it together. ❤️


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