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Materials and Sustainability

Our wonderful Earth is our home and inspiration and we are responsible to protect it for the next generations and every species living in it. We can only do it together and by being responsible in our everyday choices and Crochet by Daphne is committed to have the minimal impact through multiple solutions. Starting from a conscious use of the basic needs such as electricity and water in our studio to the target of working with the smallest numbers of supplier possible -reducing the number of deliveries and processes means less emissions generated- we believe the creativity is empty if harmful. 

Since March 2021 we buy the majority of the row materials needed from De Bondt BV, a Dutch wholesaler who offer an incredible selection of the best supplies for crafting. This choice is also because De Bondt BV, is the owner and therefore the main seller of Scheepjes, a yarn producer funded in The Netherlands in 1799 by Dirk Steven van Schuppen. Among their qualities, we wanted to use Scheepjes' materials for their incredible quality and respect of the environment. You can find more detail about the materials used below.

Almost every piece is made entirely of natural material, mainly cotton or wool, and where possible of up-cycled materials or yarns made with an eco-sustainable process. Our creations are made by hand, using the hooks and the sewing machine and the majority of them is completed by a cork branded label. The packaging is made of a 100% cotton bag, cut and sewed by me with limited-in-time fabrics; this to give you a durable, washable, sustainable protective case which can be easily reused for different purposes and has a touch of exclusivity. The creations come with a paper tag and boxed with recyclable cardboard.


De Bondt BV - Scheepjes Cahlista

100% un-mercerised cotton, double gassed to make it incredibly smooth and soft while reducing fibre splittings.

De Bondt BV - Scheepjes Catona

100% mercerised cotton, improved breathability, more comfortable to wear and less water absorption.


Drops Big Merino

From free-range animals in South America, the main characteristics are the softness, volume, elasticity and even result. The yarn is also superwash treated and therefore machine washable and suitable for everyday use.


Sirdar Hayfield DK Bonus

Perfect meeting point between softness, quality and value.


De Bondt BV - Les Tissus de Marie 

100% cotton for bag linings and cotton-polyester for swimwear linings (softer, more breathable, less water retention). Made in France.


De Bondt BV Label

De Bondt BV - Prym

De Bondt BV - Vlieseline

Note: all the names are property of the own brands. Scheepjes informations source:

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