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A new family member 😍

Welcome back 😍

These last months have been incredibly busy! In mid April I went back to work at the restaurant but I also had an interview and trial for a new job as barista. I got the job and I had to work both at the restaurant and the coffee shop, but now I can finally split my time only between Crochet by Daphne and the coffee shop.

Clearly I had to get some crochet order ready and therefore the new project have been slightly delayed, but they will be ready soon! 🤩

In the past few days I finished the latest two creations and I started a new one and they will be live on the website soon ☺️

I can’t wait to have your opinions!

Also we welcomed a new member in our family, a puppy dog named Forrest. He’s been with us for three months already and he’s incredibly funny even if sometimes he makes us crazy and now we can’t imagine a life without him. I only had to move all my yarns to keep them out of his mouth 🤣

I can say I had a period full of different emotions, both positive and negative ones, but mostly I’ve got billions of new ideas and the time’s never enough.

In any case, I’m so lucky to have someone so supporting standing by my side and a dog who is growing day by day and I’m also truly happy to have a shop that gives me plenty of gratification and makes me proud of myself because, even if there are many things to learn, now I’m able to do many things I couldn’t imagine before.

I’ve got big plans for Crochet by Daphne that needs much time and a lot of your support, like create new bags, bikinis and more. At the right time, I’d like to share with you the details of these plans and to tell you all the steps, but for now I can only make you part of my busy days, show you my progresses and new techniques I’m learning of which I didn’t even know the existence.

Sorry, I’m probably enjoying writing this post too much but I think I found a new way to relax my body and mind to go with my passion for crochet 🥰

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