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Updated: May 1, 2021

Here I am, I'm back, did you miss me?

I missed you a lot, but I had plenty of orders and also I designed and built a new creation. 🤩

Then, after weeks of fire, I'm finally with you again. 😍 Everything is quiet here in Manchester but soon, because Federico will go back to work, I'll be home alone again (unless they call me back to work at the restaurant, even if I see it hard given how it went the last time). However, I'm continuing to work hard on all the projects I have in mind and as you can see I have launched a brand new collection! At the moment I have one handbag almost ready and many others on the way! 😍 And I can't wait to share them all with you! 🤩

As you can see Federico and I have redesigned some sections of the website to give you a more intuitive and involving experience. Thus, we thought fundamental a page wholly dedicated to our vision of sustainability, in which you can understand the materials we adopt thanks to a detailed descriptions of the yarns and accessories used and why we have chosen them.

As you can see, we aim to an extremely low (hopefully null) environment impact and obviously we work to improve it day by day. Therefore, the materials less sustainable will be gradually removed and replaced with organic ones, and we're currently working to find the best options. 🥰

This is the biggest website update, there are many more but the list would be too long!

What else? Oh, yes! I almost forgot to mention that a couple of weeks ago Crochet by Daphne achieved another milestone! We managed to start a fantastic collaboration with one of the best Dutch supplier for yarns, fabrics and accessories (zippers, bag feet, etc). Now my creativity is unleashed with no obstacles, I can find everything I need in a single, massive warehouse! 🤩

Trust me when I say I'm feeling like a kid in a shop full of toys and dolls 😍

Every day I fell incredibly grateful for starting this adventure together and I'm really proud of us because we're doing all by ourself, with our ideas and knowledges. And when we find something we don't know we study and find a solution, giving our best together 😍🤩

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