I'm Daphne, a young girl passioned about creating new things, mostly using the technique of amigurumi. I first started when I was about nine years old and I never stopped learning, creating, crafting, dreaming. What I enjoy the most when I'm crocheting is the sweet nostalgia feeling that brings me back when I was little, when there was just love and happiness... and my grandma knitting!

Because happiness is everything to me, I want to make happy as many people as possible, even for just a second. It doesn't matter if it is one of my dolls or a beanie or anything else, my aim is to give a smile to everyone of you.

The first creation I made for someone was a zebra doll for my newborn cousin Elena. She was so happy! Short time later I started considering sharing what I do on my Instagram page with the name of Crochet by Daphne. From here my project has grown, I got in touch with a lot of crochet enthusiasts and made many friends all over the World, but I had not the time and energy to fully dedicate myself into it. 

Then, when the UK government announced the lockdown of the nation, I suddenly had a lot of time in my hands

to dedicate to my passion and to open my first online shop on Etsy.com. Shortly after I created my first website which is now ready and exactly as I wanted!

I think of this website as a space where you can meet my creations and me, interact together, share your ideas and opinions and feel happy for a moment! 

Happy to meet you! 

~ Daphne ~