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I'm Daphne, a young girl passioned about creating new things, using only my hooks and sewing machine. I first started when I was about nine years old and I never stopped learning, designing,  crafting, dreaming. What I enjoy the most when I'm crocheting is the sweet nostalgia feeling that brings me back when I was little, when there was just love and happiness... and my grandma knitting!

Because I strongly believe in relationships, my goal is not just to sell my products but to create something important to you. Through the designs, the materials, the posts, the website it's important to create this connection between you, me and the creations you like to deliver to you something that makes you really happy and proud to have. 

The first creation I designed especially for someone was a zebra doll for my newborn cousin Elena. She was so happy! Short time later I started considering sharing what I do on my Instagram page with the name of Crochet by Daphne. From here my project has grown, I got in touch with a lot of crochet enthusiasts and made many friends all over the World, but I had not the time and energy to fully dedicate myself into it. 

Then, when the UK government announced the national lockdown (March 2020), I suddenly had a lot of time in my hands to dedicate to my passion and to open my first online shop on Soon after I created my first website which is now exactly as I wanted!

I think of this website as a space where you can meet my creations and me, interact together, share your ideas and opinions and -hopefully- find something you really like! 

Happy to meet you! 

~ Daphne ~

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