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Updated: May 1

Well, here we are between a heavy rain and very heavy rain days. Here in Manchester I work hard to finish all the projects on time, obviously all for the Christmas project 🥰

Christmas is my favorite holiday because it's celebrated with our families, the city fills up with Christmas decorations and many coloured lights and in the centre of every city there is a big Christmas tree too. 🎄

The houses are filled up with colours and lights and everyone is happy and serene and the families are reunited for Christmas.

In these last years I'm spending Christmas Day with my partner and friends instead of with my family since I live In Manchester, England, far from my hometown in Italy, for 3 years already 😱.

Honestly, I'm happy to be here for Christmas because Manchester is much more colourful and vibrant than my hometown Pordenone and all the city centre is full of Christmas market stands, where you can eat or drink, buy some presents or have a good hot chocolate 😋

Anyway, back to us, at the moment in addiction to finishing my creations, I'm learning new things that I can use for my future projects. God, so many ideas, my head is full of them! I actually should get a big notebook and write them down to not forget anything.

But if you have any suggestion for something you'd like to see on my website just tell me! I can get a note and I'll work on it ASAP 🥰

Oh Man! I don't know what's wrong but I have the writer's block 😱🤣 as if I were a professional writer 🤣🤣

I usually talk too much, but as soon as I start writing I just stop and I've got a big silence in my head!

I actually think I should write more often, so I won't bother too much who's around me 🤣😅

Anyway I have to say the times flying guys, I can't believe that my shop is open for 4 months already and my website for 2 😍 You'll think "c'mon, she's getting excited for nothing, we're talking about just a few months, not years!" 🤣

But actually for me it's a decent amount of time because in these few months I did a lot of things, new projects made and sold, many posts on my blog and updating my website or Facebook/Instagram. Also, everyday I know new things that makes me happy and that give me the strength to go on with my biggest project: to make people happy with my creations and to deliver to every kid a smile when they get one of my creations.

So YES, I'm a young lady who get emotional even for the smallest things the life gives me and I'm feeling so grateful for what I already have and for what I'm doing. It's such a big feeling I can't find the words.

I hope with all my heart my website and shop grow and also hope to make a lot of people happy, in the future as well. 🥰

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