What happened this time? 🤔

Updated: May 1

And here we are again, with another milestone achieved. 😍

I am in the newspaper of my hometown! Thanks to the very kind Susanna S., who showed interest in my story, the story of a girl from Pordenone who moved abroad to find a job and make a new experience, and suddenly found a big opportunity to realize her dream. 😍

I don't want to spoil the reading of the article, 😍 I don't want to make your curiosity fades. (The article is in Italian, however if you would like to have the English translation please, send me a message and I'll send it to you) 🥰

But don't worry! Down here I leave the photo of the article that came out today 8th December 2020 on the "Gazzattino di Pordenone" tabloid newspaper. 🤩 Susanna was very kind and also patient with me because I was so enthusiastic of the interview that I couldn't wait for the article to come out 😅 so sometimes I sent her a couple of messages to ask for news. Then yesterday she gave me the news that the article would have been out today and I was so excited that I wanted to shout it to the whole World. 🤩😍

You know, these are things that don't happen to you every day, to end up in a newspaper, 😍 I hope you'll like it. 😍

Before I forgot, news will soon arrive on the website, new creations for the winter period, so always keep you up to date! 😍

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