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Update on Charmander.

Updated: May 2, 2021

Don't worry, Charmander is coming!

In these days, when it was planned the last bit of Charmander's making, a lady from Singapore, who likes my creations, asked me two different custom versions of my Stitch puppet, which will be donated to charity. Considering the importance of these new projects, the completion of Charmander will take a couple of days more.

I'm really enthusiastic about this opportunity, mostly because make someone happy is what motivate me, above all if who will receive it is passing through a difficult period.

I'm also excited to create custom puppets, because they give me the chance to experiment and make something new. But mostly, to see the reaction of someone who receive a physical copy of one of his ideas is priceless! I love all of this and it stimulate me even more to create new puppets.

Anyway, Charmander can't wait to meet you! Please, come back Saturday the 8th of August to discover him!

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