Say goodbye to 2020 and welcome to 2021 🤩

Updated: May 1

And 2020 is finally ended! 🥰 2021 started in a whole new way for me and we hope it brings us good luck for this new year 🥰

Even if it's already the 5th it's never too late to wish you happy New Year 🤩 happy New Year to all my friends, family members and followers 😍

For me 2020 was a very significant year because, even though many negative facts, it has been incredibly positive under certain aspects 🤩 I had the courage and determination to open my online shop and start this adventure in a difficult period and now I'm working hard to keep it going and to improve it. I still have a lot of things that I would like to study and realize before I can say "Okay, now I can leave my shop to my sons or who will come after me".

Some days ago my boyfriend and I decided to finally make some business cards, so together we looked for the right company to make them, created the design and placed the order and now I hope they will be here soon 🤩

In the meanwhile I'm trying to work on a new projects for the shop, some ideal throughout all the year and some others specifically for the Summer 😍

I'm studying a lot to realize more and more things for you 🤩

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