New adventure 🤣

Updated: May 1

Some days ago it happened a funny thing that scared me a little bit, here's the story ☺️

Recently we ordered for the first time some business cards with the plan to spread them in my neighborhood. So, as soon as they've arrived, we went out for a walk both to get some fresh air during the lockdown and leave some cards around.

Quite embarrassed, I started leaving cards in some postboxes discovering that, contrary to what I thought, it's quite funny, even though every time my heart was pounding. 😅

Suddenly, in the moment I was dropping a card, a lady opened her door, what a heart attack! I almost jumped out of my skin! Well, she looked at me like she wanted to ask "what are you doing here? Who are you, I've never seen you before!" and, embarrassed and afraid, I got brave and I asked her if I could leave my business card. She obviously said yes, but as quickly as she opened the door she closed it, without asking any question, saying thanks or neither checking if I was a thief, even if my angel face is quite trustworthy 🤣🤣

I won't tell you how I was feeling, I looked to my partner Fede and I started laughing, incredulous of what had just happened.

I didn't expect anyone to open the door and I couldn't run away, to avoid her thinking I was suspicious. I don't know if the lady visited my website, but I tried by best to get rid of my shyness that I still have😅 but I'm working on it!

Right, this was my amazing adventure! Even if not the funniest, I wanted to share it with you to talk about something different to just crochet 🤣

What a scare! 🤣🤣

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