I'm alive!! 🥰

Updated: May 1

Hiii 😁

Such a long time 😅

Right now I'm dedicate to give some space to my new Halloween pumpkins and, for this reason, I didn't post anything on my website, neither new creations nor blog updates, and I'm so sorry for this 😔

I'm writing to let you know I'm still alive and I haven't forgotten about you, my dear readers 🥰

I secretly started to work on a new Christmas project, but, although is much more time consuming than I was thinking, it's finally looking very good!

So don't worry, new, beautiful creations will be ready soon, here on my website, just for you! 🥰🤩

Also, sometimes I have to go to work 😒 (I work in a restaurant here, in Manchester), so I am splitting myself between the creations, the website, the blog, the shop and my job in the restaurant.

I won't write anything else about my boring job in the kitchen! Back to us, I really hope to be able to share something ASAP to show you what I've got in mind.

Plus, I'd like to give you a little preview about some new ideas, but I won't say too much 😉

I'm thinking to make something new for the next summer season, no puppets but a completely new project, really interesting for all of you!

So, even if sometimes I disappear, I'm always on and happy to work to create new ideas, all shared here and on sale!! 😁

I just want to add that I'm really happy to see all my projects realised and that you like them too! I am incredibly enthusiast to see all your reviews on Google, Etsy and in person too!🥰

A biiiig hug 🥰

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