Halloween 🎃 🧟‍♂️ 😱 👻

Updated: May 1

Guyssss the autumn is here and with it... Halloween!

Since I was little my family and I always did the classic Halloween Jack-o'-lantern, decorated our house and get dressed as spooky monsters 🧟‍♀️.

Growing up I slowly stopped this tradition but I actually really miss those happy moments, and for this reason I finally decided to start making Halloween pumpkins again but with a twist, a crochet version of them to decorate my house 🎃 🥰.

I talked about the crochet pumpkin release on my Facebook live last evening and now, that they are finally ready, I'm extremely happy to show them for the first time here, on my website, with all the story behind and a lot of funny pics 🥰.

I choose to make three versions with different sizes: the biggest one replicate the real life size of a Jack-o'-pumpkin, the medium one is a peculiar and flattened twist and the small one is fitted with a keychain to allow every Halloween enthusiast to bring it anywhere he wants; obviously all of them super spooky!

I really hope you like 'em all, just let me know what do you think with a comment! 👇🏻👇🏻

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