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Updated: May 2, 2021

I'm enthusiastic to share with you my new little project: tortellino and raviolo by crochet!

This idea is born to celebrate the huge Italian cuisine tradition telling you about the afternoons spent helping my grandmother, who always used to make them by hand in the traditional way, and introducing you to an historic artisanal pasta and tortellini store, born in my hometown and run by the same family for decades: Urio - La casa del Tortellino.

Tortellini and ravioli, typical products from Mid-North Italy and born around the XII century, are made up of an egg pasta shell filled with meat or seasonal products.

At the beginning, in Bologna, tortellini were served with broth on the Christmas Day family lunch, meanwhile about their origins there are many legendary tales. The most famous one tells about a tavern-owner near Modena who, obsessed by the beauty of the belly button of a noblewoman who was resting in one of his rooms, wanted to replicate the shape using just pasta and stuffing, making then the original tortellino shape.

Urio - La casa del Tortellino is the perfect modern sample of this incredible tradition, making fresh and high quality products, handmade with traditional raw materials, seasonal and kilometer zero. For this reasons I'm incredibly happy to partner with Urio to celebrate one of the most iconic Italian food product.

This project is almost completed, the amigurumi tortellini are on their way and I can't wait to share with you the final result!

Stay tuned!

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