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About the new beanies and much more 🤩

Updated: May 1, 2021

Brilliant, this second lockdown is over and my boyfriend Federico and I did a lot of new things together 😍, from the website to new finished projects, like the beanies. I'm enthusiastic of the final result; the beanies are incredibly soft, warm and cozy and, for whoever wants, there is the option to add an internal lining to make them even softer and warmer 😍🤩

We decided to make two lines of the beanies, the Original Collection and the Premium Collection, that, thanks to different materials used, give you the possibility to choose the right one for you. The Original Collection has different models made with acrylic yarn, which is really long lasting, easy care and less expansive. For the Premium Collection I use exclusively premium natural materials like Merino wool, of which the main benefits are a higher grade of softness, warmth and breathability and, being natural, it's environment friendly.

I really hope you like them, I love them and I would keep them all for myself 🥰 but I can't, they are made for you! Surely one day I will make one for me, obviously midnight blue, which is my favourite colour 😍

Back to us, in these days I'm also working on a new model of beanie, different to its brothers hats 🤣 and with a colour that I think is wonderful, but you'll discover it only keeping yourself updated on my website 🤩

Also, today I received a new SIM card with a number that will be totally dedicated to you, to give the opportunity to contact me in a easier and quicker way. I need to have two phones then! 🤣🤣 I'm feeling like going back when, Federico and I, just arrived in the UK, had to have two phones with two numbers each to be able to keep in touch both with our Italian families and potential English employers.

It's incredible how things change! To have a shop where I sell my creations was my biggest dream (together with the dream of have my own family, but this will take some time!) since I was a kid. And look at me now! My shop, in a couple of days, will be six months old 😍 And I couldn't be happier because, step by step, the shop is growing with new things and I never lack ideas or anxiety 🤣 The anxiety is because I want to do a million things but soon the restaurant where I work will reopen and then I'll need to split myself. Also, thinking of having less time for you makes me sad and let the anxiety grow.

But don't worry! I'm always here working for you, so you can constantly find new things, new gifts for yourself or your loved ones.

I just have to thank you all of you but also my craziness for pushing me to start this amazing journey. It is incredible to reach new goals every day, and this is made possible just thank to you and to your support 😍🥰

Good, I won't say anything else or this post would become a book 🤣 See you on the next post 🥰

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